How to SWAK

Plaque is removed thoroughly and gently, even in places a conventional toothbrush can’t reach. Plaque removal with a conventional brush often causes damage to teeth and gums which doesn’t happen with SWAK.


When brushing your teeth with the SWAK toothbrush the moistened head is moved gently over the necks of your teeth. Thus plaque is gently removed from your teeth.

How often?

Once a day is more than enough; at the earliest it takes 24 hours before plaque bacteria produce acids which then start to attack the teeth.

How long?

You only need to clean until each tooth feels smooth; you can check with your tongue if there is still plaque on your teeth. Using the tip of your tongue you can check each individual tooth; plaque feels rough and furry, clean teeth feel smooth!


The SWAK toothbrush offers you the chance to brush your teeth whenever and wherever you want, even out of the house as you neither need water nor toothpaste. You’re no longer chained to the sink; the SWAK toothbrush is used flexibly in many situations: whilst watching television, or at the computer, in the car…actually anywhere and everywhere!

How to use the SWAK

Cleaning your teeth with the SWAK toothbrush is carried out using the “swing technique”. The brush head is moved gently over each tooth’s surface close to the neck ensuring existing plaque bacteria colonies are removed (disorganised) and therefore rendered harmless: no toothpaste necessary!


Some Tips:

To change the taste of the miswak wood, a drop of tooth oil can be dripped onto the SWAK head.

Hard bristles can be softened by gently nibbling the tip.

Bristles that are too long can be moistened and then cut with regular scissors.

The SWAK is ideal for Children to learn how to clean their teeth but likely can use the SWAK toothbrush on their own at around 7y. With younger children we recommend that parents help cleaning their teeth.

When used with the “swing technique” the SWAK brush head is very durable. A replacement of the brush head only becomes necessary when a decreased cleaning action is noticed when checking your teeth with your tongue.


Like with conventional nylon toothbrushes the SWAK should not be kept in an airtight container.