Mindful – Thorough – Sustainable!

No more chemical waste, no more scrubbing!
The way we brush our teeth today can be, rather like our consumer culture in general, rushed, haphazard and harmful not only to us but to nature as well.

Luckily there is an alternative…

…an alternative that says goodbye to aggressive scrubbing and damaged teeth!
…an alternative that is natural, good for the environment and good for your own overall dental hygiene!

The SWAK Toothbrush!

With our SWAK toothbrush you will experience the many benefits of the natural, traditional miswak wood with today’s modern toothbrush.
For millennia many indigenous people have used the wood of the miswak bush, or “toothbrush tree” (salvadora persica) for their daily dental routines. Generations upon generations have relied on its tooth-cleansing properties and have passed this knowledge down over many hundreds of years.
The plant is found mainly in East Africa, the Middle East and India. It is not established as a modern dental care option yet, but that’s all set to change as more and more people discover its amazing cleaning properties. With the ergonomically optimised handle this toothbrush wood can now be used easily and efficiently; it’s willing, ready and able to find its way into your bathroom and transform your oral hygiene experience!