SWAK Tooth Salt – Refill Bag


The natural, oral health promoting ingredients from miswak wood are dissolved and removed by some applications.

The SWAK toothbrush can then be refreshed with the SWAK tooth salt!

If necessary, then the moistened head of the SWAK toothbrush can be dabbed into the tooth salt so that the valuable ingredients from miswak wood are available again.

The SWAK tooth salt may also be regarded as toothpaste concentrate. (Conventional toothpaste consists of approximately 80% water and glycerol, often abrasives made of plastic are included too).

The SWAK tooth salt is used very sparingly!

Size: 12 g – approx. 0,42 oz

Refill bag

The SWAK tooth salt from the refill bag (plastic bags) should be transferred to a fixed closable container as soon as possible so that the essential oils from the miswak wood do not get lost.


 Powdered miswak wood, fine crystal salt, calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate

Miswak wood naturally contains:

  • Fluoride (hardens the enamel)
  • Silicate (gentle cleaning particles)
  • Vitamin C (preservative)
  • Tannins (astringent)
  • Saponins (cleansing agent)
  • Flavonoids (antibacterial)
  • Potassium (remineralisation)
  • Calcium (remineralisation)

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Weight 0.015 kg