Miswak twig – from the root of the “toothbrush tree” salvadora persica.

Active ingredients of Miswak

The miswak twig contains natural active ingredients which are beneficial for the teeth and the oral mucosa.

Fluoride (hardens the enamel)
Silicate (gentle cleaning)
Vitamin C (preservative)
Tannins (astringent)
Saponins (cleansing agent)
Flavonoids (antibacterial agent)
Potassium (remineralization)
Calcium (remineralization)

During the dental cleaning process the wood gives off its aromatic sap which has an astringent and antibacterial affect on the oral mucosa and a mineralising effect on tooth enamel.

Harvested and vacuum packed by Al-Falah

Country of origin: Pakistan

Length: approx. 15 cm – 5,9 inches

Packaging: Plastic

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